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 In the GDR  there were 3 categories of the fire-brigade
A) the Professional  fire-brigade
b) the obligation fire-brigade
C) the freiwillige fire-brigade

In the GDR the occupation fire-brigade was assigned in contrast to other countries not to the army or the municipality, but the Ministry of the interior  (MDI).

Freiwillige fire-brigade and obligation fire-brigade were however subordinated to the town councillors, urban districts, municipalities or production managements. Their statutes of the local and operational fire protection organs entered into force to 14.1.1959. 1

Berufsfeuerwehren Feuerwehren

Mission: to fight fires, inspect buildings for fire hazards, investigate arson and suspicious activities (Under MDI)

Freiwillige Feuerwehren:

Mission: to fight fires,Civil protection.